Dependence Of Human Geography On Other Social Sciences

Like physical geography, human geography is not an independent science in itself. Human geography depends on many social sciences for its subject matter and its analysis. It provides regional perspective to other subjects which they lack. For example

(i) Human geography uses economics to study the distribution of human economic activities.

(ii) Due to the knowledge of place from geography and time from history, they are not only interrelated with each other but also complement each other. The present condition of any state is a product of the events that happened there in the past.

(iii) Human geography takes the help of demography to study the characteristics of population.

(iv) Human geography takes the help of agricultural science to study the distribution of crops and the geographical conditions that determine them and land use.

(v) Human geography is dependent on sociology for the study of human communities, their social organisation, family system, division of labour, customs, public policy, customs and tribes.

(vi) Geo-politics, international relations, state systems and organisations are studied in both human geography and political science. The only difference is the approach. Apart from these, along with many other social sciences, human geography is also related to various natural sciences.