Naturalization of Human and Humanization of Nature

Man interacts with his physical environment with the help of technology and techniques derived from his cultural heritage. More important is that with the help of which tools and techniques man produces and manufactures; what it produces and manufactures is less important.

Technology informs about the cultural development of a society. Man could develop technology only after better understanding the laws of nature. For example:

  • The concepts of friction and heat helped us in the invention of fire.
  • An understanding of the mysteries of DNA and genetics enabled us to treat many diseases.
  • To develop a faster vehicle, we use the laws of aerodynamics.
  • Better knowledge of the processes and rock formation of the earth’s womb inspired the exploitation of minerals from the sea floor.

You will see that all sciences are born out of nature. We have learned the procedure and techniques of all the instruments from nature. Therefore, knowledge of nature is important to develop technology. Technology loosens the chains of the environment on man.

In the initial stages of interaction with the natural environment, man was not only highly influenced by nature, but also feared by it. Early human society had molded itself according to the dictates of nature. The reason for this was that at that time socio-cultural development was primitive and it had little to no technology. In this way we can imagine the natural man who listened to nature, was afraid of its fierceness and he worshiped its strong powers.

Social and cultural development takes place over time. People understand their environment and natural forces and develop better and more efficient technology than ever before. Better technology gives them access to various options and freedoms by getting them out of the loopholes. They give rise to many possibilities from the resources obtained from the human environment. Human actions give rise to the cultural landscape.

In this way man humanizes nature on the strength of his intellect, skill, determination, power, etc. and starts putting the mark of his efforts on nature.